Research & Analysis

Through research and analysis, Information Insights, Inc. has been assisting Alaskans in and out of government to deepen their understanding of issues affecting Alaska. We conduct research and provide impartial analysis and planning in a range of policy areas, including economics, public health, housing, energy, education, transportation, and public finance. To answer questions posed by our clients, we use a real world perspective that crosses disciplines and allows us to draw on information and tools from many areas. Information Insights has developed a reputation for delivering innovative, workable solutions. Our research results are presented in clear, concise language so they can be understood quickly and used effectively.

Public Engagement & Facilitation

Information Insights offers a full range of public engagement and facilitation services, from conducting small group meetings and strategic planning sessions to planning conferences and formal public input processes that meet all government requirements. We work frequently in both rural and urban Alaska, designing processes to engage the public and bring stakeholders together. We often combine traditional and new outreach tools, including public information websites, social media, information graphics, online surveys, and Instant Insight, which is an audience polling system.


Organizational Support & Development

Organizational Support and Development services are tailored to the client and can cover a broad spectrum of client needs: conference & event planning, grant program administration, accounting & business services, membership services, board elections, executive assessment, program evaluation, and communications planning. We provide some clients with year-round program administration, including day-to-day management of member services, monthly committee meeting facilitation, and annual conference planning. We offer our organizational support clients a full range of website development, social media development, and management services, often including online payment, event registration, and payment processes.

Survey Research

Whether doing primary research, public engagement or program administration, many Information Insights projects include a survey component. We use a variety of survey techniques depending on the goals of the project, including audience polling, focus groups, key informant interviews, and online, mail, and telephone surveys. A reliable and replicable methodology combined with well designed, culturally appropriate questions are key to obtaining accurate and representative results that we can use with confidence in our projects.

Additional Services

Information Insights also offers website and graphic design services if requested on other projects and language around customizable work. We have a  broad network of consultants from across the state, remote and event support as needed.