Information Insights is proud to partner with consultants and organizations with specialized skills from around Alaska.


Choice.Econ, an Anchorage-based consulting firm, specializes in applied economic analysis and uses state-of-the-art survey research and applied econometric analysis to evaluate industry decisions, consumer preferences, and public policy with in the areas of Alaska’s extractive industries, renewable energy, transportation, and resource management.


Brenda Holden, a Senior Consultant with Information Insights for over ten years, specializes in nonprofit management and strategic planning and now consults from Minnesota on a range of projects providing online and telephonic facilitation services.


Crimp Energy Consulting is an Anchorage-based firm specializing in clean energy project planning, development and management.


Lisl Coady is an Anchorage-based, woman-owned small business offering professional writing and editing services alongside customized design services and graphics.

2009_ced_logoThe Center for Economic Development leverages the resources of the university system to support economic growth in Alaska, providing technical assistance in the form of information and data, and implementing specific projects and programs that promote economic development across the state.