The Art and Techniques of Facilitation with Brenda Holden

Join Information Insights and professional facilitator Brenda Holden for two days of facilitation workshops on Monday, January 28 and Tuesday, January 29, 2019, at the Cold Climate Housing Research Center in Fairbanks.

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Day 1: The Art of Facilitation
Monday, January 28, 1-5 pm

This half-day session focuses on the importance of the front-end work when preparing to facilitate a productive meeting, forum or complex event. Good facilitators make this look easy as they size up the needs and dynamics, design the process, facilitate discussions, nimbly adapt to situations, and then wrap up on time with a list of decisions made and an action plan of how to move forward.

Explore how you can help a group navigate into uncharted waters or function more efficiently and effectively. Gain insights into how best to set the stage, manage expectations, and create a safe space for all to engage. Get practical ideas for how to track discussions and decisions, and  how to document the right information to generate useful reports along the way.

Sometimes the best ideas and work emerge from the messiest part of the meeting, but messy isn’t for everyone. Planning change requires more stretching for some than others. We will spend time exploring personal styles and how to adjust when putting on your facilitator hat.

Day 2: The Techniques of Facilitation
Tuesday, January 29, 1-5 pm

This workshop is a sampling of tools and techniques often used by facilitators. Explore how to design the right process for the right group. There are many resources and ideas for facilitation and strategic planning available online. Learn about World Café, Real Time Strategic Planning, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology, and other ways to prioritize ideas, so that you can choose an appropriate process and tailor it to fit an organization’s needs.

Although it isn’t required, attending the half-day “The Art of Facilitation” is highly recommended, especially for those who don’t have extensive experience facilitating a variety of groups.

Brenda Holden Brenda Holden has been an executive director of two nonprofits and a volunteer center, and she has served on many boards and commissions over the past 35 years. As a seasoned facilitator, she has walked alongside dozens of organizations dealing with a wide range of situations and challenges.