Information Insights, Inc. offers policy research and management consulting in Alaska. The company maintains a core focus on public health and public policy, with additional areas of expertise in public process facilitation, community and rural development, business administration, and nonprofit management.

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  • Research & Analysis
  • Public Engagement & Facilitation
  • Organizational Support
  • Conference & Event Planning
  • Audience Polling Technology (Instant Insight)
  • Survey Research
  • Web Development

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  • ANCSA Corporations & Tribal Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Schools and University Programs
  • Federal Agencies
  • Local & State Governments & Public Corporations
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Workforce & Economic Development Organizations

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Recruiting for Environmental Hazards Virtual Focus Group

As residents of the far North, we’re no strangers to natural hazards. From intense wildfire seasons to winter rain-on-ice and permafrost thaw. If you’ve experienced these, a National Science Foundation research team wants to talk with you. We’re looking for residents in the Anchorage area to join virtual focus groups that explore how you have or would respond to these events and what you expect your neighbors, community leaders, and state government to do. Participants will receive $50.

Reach out to michelle@iialaska.com with any questions.